Civil Litigation

As a civil litigator and trial lawyer, Jonathan B. Vivona represents clients in the prosecution and defense of lawsuits before state courts, federal courts and administrative agencies. He has represented clients in breach of contract cases, real property disputes, landlord-tenant actions, defamation suits, debt collection, business purchase disputes and foreclosure actions.

Whether you are prosecuting or defending a lawsuit in Virginia, you can benefit from consulting an attorney who has years of litigation experience and knows the fine points of the legal process. As your counsel we will thoroughly prepare all necessary documents and evidence in support of your case and ensure that all deadlines and other requirements are met.

We will also appear on your behalf and provide guidance at court hearings, trials, depositions, arbitration and mediation so that you have the best chance possible of receiving a successful result.

Prosecution or Defense of a Lawsuit

Civil litigation often involves legal disputes between two or more parties and begins with the filing of a cause of action (such as a Warrant in Debt or Complaint) by a plaintiff.

The defendant must then respond to the allegations made by the plaintiff and the parties will proceed to the remaining stages of civil litigation, including discovery, pre-trial motions, trial and appeal. Throughout all phases of litigation, the parties are free to negotiate settlement.

In some cases people will not enter into settlement talks or discuss a dispute until legal action is taken against them. On the other hand there are those who will file a lawsuit without even giving the defendant a reasonable opportunity to discuss the dispute with them.

It is important to have an attorney in these situations to protect your legal rights and ensure you are not taken advantage of by an uncompromising and irrational adversary. When involved in contentious disputes, an important element of gaining leverage in negotiations is to not only have the ability to take court action but also to pursue litigation at a lower cost than your opponent.

It is critical to have the facts and law on your side and to have an attorney conduct an impartial review of your case. A quality attorney will honestly evaluate your case to determine if it has a viable chance of success and is worth the costs it will take to litigate.

Jonathan B. Vivona, PLC prides itself on being an honest law firm that will advocate for your rights in a court of law and prepare a legal strategy that best suits you by taking into account the cost of each step of the legal process and the benefits you seek to achieve.